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Phibrows Artist
Microblading in West Sussex

Creating the most natural looking, long lasting eyebrows

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that employs real brush strokes for a truly hair-like appearance that can create the most natural looking eyebrows.  It involves using tiny, fine-point needles to deposit pigment beneath the skin with great skill to stimulate the natural look of hairs with various lengths and densities. It takes around two and a half hours using careful geometric calculations and specially designed precision tools to create the prefect pair of brows that last between 1 and 3 years. Microblading is ideal for anyone who wishes for
fuller or a more defined look and to correct any aesthetic problems of the eyebrows.
The Sovereign Approach

Sovereign Aesthetique believes that microblading is much more than a procedure, it's an art. We take great pride in our attention to detail and cherish the opportunity to create beautiful, lasting results for those who choose us. It is our aim to create the most realistic and natural looking eyebrows with utmost precision, measured and suited to your unique face shape. The end result is a feathery hair'stroke look - none of the dreaded blocky brows! With a friendly and relaxed vibe we look forward to welcoming you at our modern and clean clinic where we will answer all your questions and make you as feel comfortable as possible. 

Why choose a Phibrows artist?

Phibrow artists undergo rigorous training, mastering 11 levels in 6 months to ensure that their technique and knowledge maintains the highest standard. Taught and assessed by the most talented and awarded artists in the world, Phibrows artists are top in the industry and only produce high quality work. No other Microblading Academy in the world has a lengthy and intensive program like ours which also focuses on clie nt safety during treatment and hygiene within the working environment. We also pride ourselves in using high quality mineral-based pigments which avoid harsh heavy metals that are found in most permanent make up.
In addition to this:

  •  We use Vegan and animal cruelty free products

  • Our pigments do not change colour, cause any reactions or migrate beneath the skin

  • All specialised tools are sterile and disposable

  • Your Phibrows artist is Infection control Level 2 (VTQ) certifie

It is important to choose a microbladist who is well educated on technique, products, tools, hygiene and safety. Sanitation is always on top of our priorities and we strictly implement the sanitation guidelines for clinical settings to ensure clients’ safety at all times.  As well as being an artist in my spare time, I also hold a Diploma in Medical Science and a BSc Degree in Health Sciences, all of which play a huge part in microblading.



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