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Before Treatment 


Please take a moment to read the following information so that you are aware of what to avoid beforeand after your appointment, and also what to expect following treatment to optimise the best results. 

The results of your treatment will be dependant on internal and external factors:

  • Skin quality

  • Aftercare routine

  • Exposure to external factors such as sun, too much water, facials

In most cases, you will have truly beautiful results, so long as you follow the aftercare routine for 7 days following treatment (a detailed copy of the aftercare routine will be provided to you on the day of treatment, along with an aftercare kit).


Facials to avoid 30 days before your appointment:

  • Botox/fillers

  • Chemical peels

  • Laser treatments

  • Dermabrasion

Please contact me prior to booking if you:

  • Have problematic skin/skin conditions/scarring

  • Have serious health complications

  • Have undergone chemotherapy

  • Take any medications, including acne treatments and blood thinners

  • Have old microblading or tattooing on your eyebrows

After Treatment 


It is extremely important to follow the 7-day aftercare procedure that will be explained and provided to you during you appointment. This will maximise the best healing and overall results. 

Things that must be avoided for the first few weeks after treatment:

  • Direct sunlight/ sun beds

  • Laser treatments

  • Botox

  • Facials and chemical/ acid peels

  • Eyebrow tinting 

  • Glycolic acid on the eyebrow area

Please allow sufficient time between treatment and any of the above, including sun holidays. 

Immediately after your microblading treatment, the colour will appear vibrant and in most cases darker than the end result. Within 5-7 days the colour can fade by 30-40% giving a slightly subtle and more natural look. It is usual to expect a touch up within 5-6 weeks of your initial appointment. This will complete the treatment and prolong the life of your new eyebrows. Since the results are semi permanent, the pigment will gradually fade over time. Annual top ups are often advised if you wish to maintain your new look, however, this is entirely up to you. You can return sooner or later than this time period depending on how they fade and your preferred look.


Microblading Process


When you arrive for your initial appointment we will begin by discussing what style and shape you like. At this point i will also give my opinion and we can go through the different options. Please bare in mind, the shape will be measured with precision according to your bone structure and facial morphology. 

First, your new eyebrow shape will be measured and mapped to suit your face shape and bone structure. The symmetry across both eyebrows is calculated using a unique Phibrows application which is measured with precision and adjusted if necessary until they are perfectly aligned. Once happy with the shape, hair strokes will be drawn in following your natural hair pattern with a very fine and specialised hand tool that deposits pigment into your skin.

The feeling is almost like a scratchy sensation- some describe this as being similar to threading or plucking. I do use a topical anaesthetic half way through the process so you wont feel anything after that point.


Treatment generally takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

Following treatment it is important you keep your brows lubricated for 1 week with a wax that you will be provided with. Things like swimming, sunbeds, facials, lash treatments must be avoided during these 7 days.

After this initial treatment you will need to come back for a top-up session in 5-8 weeks to complete the treatment. This is to ensure you get the best results and make sure your new brows will be long lasting.

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